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Board Member of The Month

In a new feature for 2016-17 we would like to introduce the members of our Board of Trustees and celebrate each one as the Board Member of the Month. The seven member Board of Trustees is the School District’s policy making body and the official representative of the community. The Board of Trustees’ goal is to ensure quality educational opportunities for all students in the district. The Board functions according to state and federal laws, regulations of the State Board of Education, the Texas Education Agency, and the will of the people as expressed in elections. The Board of Trustees, while composed of individuals, acts officially as one body. No member or group of members acts in the name of the Board of Trustees except when authorized by the board to do so.

The Board Member of the Month for February is Jeff Pendill

Jeff Pendill

Jeff Pendill. Mr. Pendill currently holds Place 1 and has been a member of the Community ISD Board of Trustees since 2013. Mr. Pendill is a 1989 graduate of Community High School. He and his wife Shelly have two daughters, Madison (CHS Class of 2015) and Reagan (CHS Class of 2019). 

Mr. Pendill has worked at JCPenney for 17+ years, currently as a Systems Manager. Jeff Pendill’s goal, as a member of CISD Board of Trustees, is to see that an environment of educational and personal growth for excellence is the standard, not a goal for all our students & staff.
Fun Facts about Mr. Pendill:  Favorite thing about CISD:Jeff Pendill

Things I wish everyone knew about Community ISD: How committed everyone is to making everyone successful.

Favorite experience as a school board member: Getting to watch the grow of the district and watching all of the achievements by the students and teachers and administrators.

Anything else you’d like people know: Community is an awesome place !!!



 The Board Member of the Month for November 2016 is Jana Hunter

Jana Hunter Place 5 is currently held by Board Member Jana Hunter. Ms. Hunter was appointed to the Board of Trustees in June of 2015.
Ms. Hunter is a 1991 graduate of Community High School.  She has worked in school business since 2007 and is currently employed as the Director of Purchasing for a local school district.  She holds a Bachelor degree in the area of Human Relations and Business and in 2004, completed a Master degree in Business Administration with a focus on Strategic Leadership. Jana Hunter
Jana Hunter‘s goal as a member of the Board of Trustees is to promote a level of commitment and respect among all stakeholders through the collaboration of efforts as we work toward the success of the common good-the staff and students of CISD.


Favorite thing about CISD:  There is a sense of belonging like no other; we are a family.  We don't talk about just students, or the students, they are OUR students.  We are all in this together and it doesn't matter what the challenge might be - we are all in it together.

Things I wish everyone knew about Community ISD:  As a professional working in the field of school business, I see  larger districts whose work becomes like that of a business.  I love that Community ISD is still small enough that the focus remains on the student.   While abiding by the guidelines set forth by the state of Texas, Community ISD maintains a complete focus on meeting student's needs, appreciating and recognizing the staff and working together as the Team of 8 striving to provide each and every student and staff member with the opportunities they need to succeed.

Favorite experience as a school board member:  I enjoy the student recognitions each month and having the student's family members stand in recognition as a parent to our awesome students.  Convocation is amazing and I love the excitement of the new year as we work to make each one better than the last and I love any opportunity to recognize the staff members for all that they do for our children.

Anything else you’d like people to know:  This district is led by a man whose passion is undeniable.  I can only hope that every member of our community gets the opportunity to witness his compassion and love for students.  Make no mistake, this district operates with one thing in mind and that is the success of our students.  In every decision, in every thought - the focus is where it belongs and that is on each and every student. 



The Board Member of the Month for October is Mike Cook

Mike Cook CISD Board Secretary, Mike Cook (Place 2) is the CISD Board Member of the Month for October. Mr. Cook has been a member of the Community ISD Board of Trustees since 2013. Mr. Cook is a graduate of Plano East Senior High, Collin County College, and Tyler Junior College.

Mike Cook’s goal is to celebrate educational success and continue to strengthen student achievement by remaining focused on district goals and keeping lines of communication open.



My favorite thing about Community ISD is the people. I'm always amazed at how fast our community can rally behind a cause. Community ISD is filled with people with a servant’s heart and a passion to help others.
I wish everyone knew  the amount of time, preparation and passion that our teachers, administrators and staff put into their jobs to ensure a quality education for our students. They truly believe that student success is non-negotiable.Mike Cook
My favorite experience as a school board member is when we have the opportunity to celebrate student success.  One of my goals when running for the school board was to celebrate educational success and continue to strengthen student achievement by remaining focused on district goals and keeping lines of communication open. I get excited when these celebration opportunities occur.  The 2016 CHS graduation was extremely exciting for me. Yes it was a great honor to present my daughter with her high school diploma that night, but I also got to play a role in congratulating and honoring so many students that I watched grow up.
I would like people to know that the current CISD board of trustees are working hard to prepare CISD for the future.  We truly are in a partnership with an engaged community, and that our goal is to create an uncompromising commitment to excellence. I’m proud to serve CISD and together we can Experience the Blue!


The Board Member of the Month for September - Mike Shepard

Mike Shepard Mr. Shepard was elected to the Community ISD School Board in May of 2009. He and his family have lived in Community ISD since 1983. As his children attended Community ISD from kindergarten through 12th grade, Mr. Shepard said he always wanted to be more involved. “So, in 2009 I felt it was time to pay it forward,” said Mr. Shepard.
Mr. Shepard is a 1978 graduate of Garland High School, and he currently works as an Independent Insurance Agent. We would like to thank Mr. Shepard for his seven years of service to the students and families of Community ISD. Help us celebrate his service during the month of September as he is our Board Member of the Month.

Fun Facts about Mr. Shepard:

Favorite thing about CISD: I love the small town feel that we have at CISD and more importantly I love to serve the students and staff of CISD.

Things I wish everyone knew about Community ISD: We have the best Superintendent in the state of Texas in Dr. Roosevelt Nivens and CISD is such a special place to reside/attend our schools.

CHS Graduation Favorite experience as a school board member: Recognizing students in the monthly Board Meetings. Several years ago we recognized Special Ed students and I watched a Mother weep tears of joy as her daughter stood before us to be honored.  That moment has always had a profound affect on me as what we might perceive as a simple thing could be a lot bigger deal to someone else.  The first day of school is my favorite, especially at the elementary schools, I enjoy seeing the little ones rush in the doors to experience school at CISD.

Anything else you’d like people to know: it is an honor to serve CISD.