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History of Technology in CISD

On Tuesday, February 28th a team of CHS journalism students had the privilege to interview Mr. Wally Graves. Mr. Graves taught in Community for 19 years and was CISD's first Technology Coordinator. Mr. Graves is responsible for introducing computers into the District in 1977. In 1995, Mr. Graves lead a committee called "Direct Connect" which successfully applied for a $38,500 grant from the Texas Education Agency to network CISD computers with "The Net". The legacy of the commitment to technology in the classroom demonstrated by Mr. Graves and other CISD leaders lives on today as CISD is one of only a handful of districts in the state to put a device in the hands of every student in 3rd - 12th grade.



The students will be writing a story on the history of computers and technology in CISD as part of a series celebrating the District's 70th Anniversary next year. #ExperienceTheBLUE

Mr. Graves  
Mr. Graves  
Mr. Graves  
Mr Graves