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Stephen F. Austin University

Written by:  Hugo Vazcaya-Zingg

Located in Nacogdoches, Texas, Stephen F. Austin University is a public university with majors including Forestry, Biology, Music, Liberal Studies and more. Community High School had 63 students attend a tour provided by campus officials and current students of the college.

The students arrived to be greeted by SFA’s wonderful students, who answered their questions about things such as tuition cost, courses offered, campus life and more. After a brief description of what to expect on the tour, CHS students were off to explore the campus! They spent time touring the main campus, visiting the Liberal Arts building, dining at the cafeteria, checking out the bookstore and seeing the Stephen F. Austin statue in the heart of the campus.

Afterwards, they were split up into three groups to attend three tours offered by SFA: Forestry & Agriculture, Sports Medicine and Physics & Engineering. The students learned more about the majors SFA has to offer, what those specific majors involve, job opportunities and how internships, scholarships & job offers were included into SFA’s program. Forestry & Agriculture learned how the government, private companies and wildlife conservation society's work with people majoring in Forestry & Agriculture. They also talked about the inclusion of engineering into Agriculture, Animal Sciences and Entomology into their course.

Physics & Engineering explored 3 labs featured at SFA including the electron microscope lab, where they learned the functions of the microscope and what studies use it. They also visited the Engineering lab, where they watched a past SFA project of the students launching a Go-Pro up to the edge of space. They also visited the high-intensity laser lab, discussing how the lasers work in 3D printers and future projects concerning the lasers.

Afterwards, the students visited the planetarium where the Astronomy students showed them the stars that would be visible that night, watched a video discussing black holes & Einstein’s theory and many constellations. Once the planetarium session concluded, the students were led to the Physics classroom where they were shown pictures of the observatory and astronomical findings by SFA graduates. After an exhausting trip, the CHS students ate dinner and went home with an amazing experience. Although many considered the university to be smaller than they thought, all of them were left with a huge impact.

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