• CISD PD badge Established in October 2017, the Community Independent School District Police Department provides a full array of police services to our school community. Our staff is highly trained and qualified to provide various services including prevention, intervention, and law enforcement with a focus on creating a safe learning environment for our students, staff, and visitors. Our officers are fully certified Texas Peace Officers who have the same authority of other local law enforcement officers.

    How we serve you:

    • Assisting campus administrators in providing safe and secure campuses
    • Enforcing all laws, including board rules & regulations, municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws within the territorial boundaries of the District, when it affects the safety and welfare of the students, employees and/or District property
    • Enforcing school zone traffic laws, when reduced school zone speed limits are in effect
    • Community ISD police officers have the primary responsibility for law enforcement on all property owned, leased, or rented by the District

Contact CISD Police

  • Scotty Morrison, Chief of Police
    CISD Police Department

    Chuck Sibley, Officer