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About Improvement Plans

  • The campus improvement plan (CIP) and district improvement plan (DIP) serve as the blueprint for how our campuses and district will actually address the needs indentified through a comprehensive needs assesment. An effective CIP/DIP can bring focus and coherence to reform activities and help ensure unity of purpose, alignment, and clear accountability.

    Per federal statute, the CIP must be

    “developed with the involvement of parents and other members of the community to be served and individuals who will carry out such plan, including teachers, principals, and administrators (including administrators of programs described in other parts of this title), and, if appropriate, pupil services personnel, technical assistance providers, school staff, and, if the plan relates to a secondary school, students from such school” (Elementary and Secondary Education Act, Section 1114[b][2][B][ii]).

MES 2016-17 Campus Improvement Plan

NES 2016-2017 Campus Improvement Plan

EMS 2016-17 Campus Improvement Plan

CHS 2016-17 Campus Improvement Plan

2016-17 District Improvement Plan