• Guidelines for Video Announcement Requests

    If you have an announcement you would like added to Braves News, we ask that you adhere to the guidelines below in order to expedite your request:  

    1. Events or information must be related to Edge MS or Community ISD District. 
    • (The event should directly involve Edge MS students, faculty, and/ or staff.)
    2. Proofread to ensure the accuracy of information before submitting your request.
    3. To avoid delay, the announcement must include the following:
    • In the body of your email, above your announcement, please indicate the following:
      • Specify the audience (Edge MS/ Community ISD students, faculty, and/ or staff)
      • Indicate how the subject line should read
      • Indicate the desired distribution date
    • Format the announcement to appear on-screen, not as an attachment. If you have an image or video file included, save image in .jpg or .png format and video in .mp4 format before submitting.
    • If you include links, verify that they go directly to the desired web page.
    • A contact person’s name and email address should be listed at the end of the announcement.
    4. Submit your request at least one week before the date you would like the announcement to be made.  Announcements sent too close to an event date/deadline might not be honored.
    5. Send announcement requests to Braves News at emsannouncements@communityisd.org.

    Thank you for your cooperation,

    Braves News Crew